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April 03, 2006



While considering the use of a project blog for my school design teams, a March/April '06 School Construction News article jumped off the page. The article is called "Why School Bond Votes Fail and How to Win Them." While the entire article begs the response, "a blog could help with that," one statement in particular struck me when considering the true power of a project blog:

A Superintendent in New York was quoted: "Build trust [with voters] and then you can build buildings."

What better way to build a voter's trust than by involving/educating/im-passioning him or her throughout the entire school planning & pre-design process? Here is an opportunity for our design teams and the District to unitedly say "You have watched and/or helped the evolution of this building. You should understand our needs, and might have injected your needs into the design. No small print, no hidden trap doors. Now it's time to pay to build it. Are you for it?"

Blogging gives us a way to connect with voters with zero to very little barrier to entry: not even a scheduling conflict with a programming meeting. I can't think of a better service to our clients, to our communities and [MOST IMPORTANTLY] to our future?

Here's to exploring new ground!

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