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November 21, 2006


John  Powers

I kept scanning this post and the previous part looking for the link to E's blog. D'oh! as they say.

From a different context Jeremey Weate at Naijablog http://naijablog.blogspot.com/2006/11/re-defining-afrocentrism.html writes about re-defining Afrocentrism:

"Afrocentrism 2.0 (for want of a better term) needs to be about creating tangible and meaningful two-way linkages. It needs to be just as meaningful an experience and encounter from the African side as from the Western side. It needs to involve listening, from both perspectives."

I hope E is game, but won't be too disturbed if he's not. After all you can't engage in every conversation. I like that you say it has to be about meaningful two-way linkages. You really "get it."

The thing is: curiosity got the better of you and you've already found meaning in your connection to E. Link to him already:-)


As I see it, most 16 year olds are idealistic creatures that seek to be right, creative and loud…all of which are qualities that I feel more adults should reconnect with. Welcome to the blog link catch 22... By linking you encourage a premature level of acknowledgement, but without the link, the 16 year old may be missing out on the spark that gets them more invested in the conversation with a world that lives outside high school. Most adults regard the average ‘kid’ as a receptacle where we dump all of the requisite knowledge and skills… then wait to see what takes hold. As far as I am concerned we all need to learn from 16 year olds what we ourselves once looked/felt like and they need to look forward to see the potential of who they can become and more.

In the end I think you should watch, read, reflect, post and see what the potential is for this 16 year old that has piqued your interest. One real participant/commenter will be more powerful in the end than a bunch of 'drive by commenters'. Then, when you feel as though the site is something consistently engaging, link.

Michael Specht

I agree, the stakes are higher than just a link for an increase in traffic, today. For "E" to really benefit they need to have meaningful content that as Robert says "adds value" to you audience. Better content will enable "E" to be a better blogger and carry on a better conversation.

Interesting post it has really got me thinking.

Eva Forbes

To link or not to link? I wouldn't lose any more sleep over it. Methinks you take yourself and your "importance" a tad too seriously.

It would be lovely to think that the web could bring about global equality but the "caste" system is alive and well in the blogosphere, full of egos being stroked, condescending comments. I frequently wonder if those so keen on web 2 have any idea how off-putting this mainly boy's club is to those who really would like to get involved.

Please believe me that this post is not a spur of the moment response but the result of reading a LOT of blogs, but mainly because of the tone of posts about E which I believe to be an initial rather than a clever or witty nickname.

Glad I've got that off my chest! It's been simmering for a while!


I thank you for your comment.

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