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April 19, 2007


Chris Craft

We use the einstruction CPS remotes, you may add those to your list...


Jo Denes

Hi there,

I work in the UK as an independent education consultant/ advisor. I have used CPS and Qwizdom for many years now and have provided training for teachers also.
I have since found two other student response systems with allow more flexibility amongst other things in the classroom. They are know as 'GeneeUs' and 'CensUs'. Both use the same voting pad, however 'CensUs' allows you to use the software on ANY resource, learning platform and/ or application. For example, you may already have written content and questions within a Powerpoint presentation, you now want to ask your students for their response, with this new system you can bring up the toolbar and ask them there and then. This means you do not have to copy the question or re-write the question into your response software.

Joe Miller

We use CPS (einstruction) in Adams 14. We bought 16 systems last year and have had excellent response. That said, we are going to re-open our review of the hardware this year. Smart Technologies has released their own system and we want to review it and re-review Quizdom.

Anonymous Reader

I suggest you locate the Technology and Learning magazine article on Response Systems from June or July 06...they tried 6 companies...and evaluated each of them.

Scott McLeod

The article's a bit old now, but...

Johnson, D., & McLeod, S. (2004). Get answers: Using student response systems to
see students’ thinking. Learning & Leading With Technology, 32(3), 2-8. http://tinyurl.com/28wee6

I use Turning Point. It integrates with PowerPoint, uses several different companies' clickers, and is very slick.

Also, check out Discourse from ETS. It's a completely different paradigm but it allows for open-ended responses instead of fixed choice only.

Kristin Hokanson

As more schools move to 1:1, I am curious if anyone has found a "clicker like" system that students can log in from their lap-tops and teachers get the results. It seems silly when kids already have laptops in their hands, that you should have to put ANOTHER tool in their hands just so kids can click in...I am going to check out all of the links above...but so far it doesn't seem to exist, maybe I am giving away MY million dollar idea....Any developers out there want to work with me:)

Mark van 't Hooft

We use the Turning Point SRS. It's easy for teachers to learn, especially given the fact that it works with software teachers already know how to use, PowerPoint (of course this has its downsides as well, considering how many teachers use PowerPoint to begin with). To answer Scott M's question, Turning Point also has software called vPad. According to the site:

Any laptop or desktop PC using a supported Windows Operating System, any supported Windows Mobile 2003 or 2005 for Pocket PC device, or any supported Palm OS device.


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