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June 07, 2007


AJ Cann

Not a typ 'kid' thing to do? I can't stop my 12 year old son creating new blogs. After cutting his blog teeth by starting (and maintaining a blog about the popular Neopets site last year (which evolved into Pokemon, Lego & Stuff I Like):
he got frustrated (with Blogger and kids stuff), so he is now blogging on WordPress about CSS and html tweaks:
Seems that blogging might be more typical kid than I thought. Another ProBlogger in the making?

Sam Jackson

I still :( when I think about how much fun my free ticket to the Emerging Tech conference in San Diego would have been back in March... pity I was doing the internship in D.C. and wasn't allowed to go (such a good free gift, lost to time!). Online Advertising sounds way less fun, but still neat.


Thanks for the e-intros Christian - have pinged Ethan :-)



Thanks for posting about ethan. I'm looking for other kid bloggers to link to and read.

His blog looks very professional, and I can learn alot from him.

Sometimes bloggers aren't typ kids. I'm attending my second summer of the Tampa Bay Writing Project for ten days of non-stop writing. Kinda weird, but I like it and want to write for a career.

Nick Chance

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