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August 03, 2007



I love the idea of taking time during the school year to explore. Working, travelling, and being in close proximaty with others is a learning process that can not be gained by any traditional school.

John Powers

Mickey Hart http://www.mickeyhart.net/ was on the old Tonight Show with some orange-robed throat singers. Johnny Carson asked what they had in common--or something like that. Hart replied that they're both in the transportation business. This and your post about your Japan adventure remind why travel is essential in education.

Christian Long

Janine, I was very blessed as a young teacher to work at 2 consecutive schools that had fundamentally re-wired the entire schedule to allow for 'journey' to be a very real learning element, not just a metaphor or iconic reference. It has, as you said, reminded me that most schools do not and cannot go this direction at this level...but I always hold out hope that something will happen that changes that for the positive.

John -- Man, do I love the "transportation business" comment. Not every day that I received a Grateful Dead reference here, but the drumming great Mickey Hart is welcomed any time!

Cheers to you both. Christian



First off, the picture outside of Flagstaff is very close to my house... I am trying to figure out exactly where you guys were by looking at the angle of the peaks!!! Haven't been home in 7 weeks and it makes me a little homesick...

I try to create in a very small way the type of learning experience that you describe. It is difficult, but so worth the effort to see kids out in the world, applying, struggling, growing and transforming. I hope that you will be able to orchestrate something similar in your new teaching endeavor!

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