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December 12, 2007



Glad I looked at the blog boys! Hope we'll have a little ime to eat and chat too. It's been ages since seeing either of you. Stellarvisions has been doing some change management. Chris being in town could stir some real fun.



Glad to hear you are coming east for Educon. Looking forward to hearing your new perspectives.


Can't wait to see you, Ste!!a. Any chance you'll be able to join us at the conference itself, in addition to some off-hours conversation? Am most intrigued by the "change management" moment in your comment. Do tell. Or hint, at least!


Patrick, man...gonna be great running into you. And I'm sure there will be lots of 'perspectives' talk on all fronts. Hope all is well with you in the meantime as the holiday front comes our way. Can't wait for my first 'winter holiday' teacher-style in several years...and not staring at a stack of essays to grade!

Chris Lehmann

WOOO HOOOO!!!! You staying at Chez-Lehmann-Stein?


Tell the boys to get the pull-out couch made up. Their Texas uncle is coming into town and can't wait to keep it real with the Lehmann-Stein kiddos!


I would love to attend the conference. I feel guilty not spending any time at SLA. Maybe this can get me going again.

We can talk about all the cool change happening at Stellarvisions. I'm putting you guys on the calendar now. YIPPIE!

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