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December 15, 2007



OK, truth? I was not watching the video thinking "oh my goodness, just think what we could do with that?" I'm thinking "how in the world did that kid think of that?"

It is wonderful that the world is full of all kinds of people--we've got me (the teacher) and Johnny Lee (not me)!! Thanks for sharing. N.

Christian Long

And I'm sitting here thinking, "What would happen if the kids were given a chance to show us what they already know?" rather than always the other way around!

John Powers

It so wonderful you see Johnny Chung Lee's hacks as really making a difference. On the topic of hacks, one of the aspects of the OLPC computer is that designers knew, since they were intended for kids, they'd be taken apart. So they thought to try to make them safe. But they also made them assuming they'd be hacked. Imagine education predicated on the idea that some of the important learning most certainly will not be on the test.

Rich White

I really want to get Edusim (http://edusim3d.com) on this cool wiimote hack !

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