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February 29, 2008


Louise Maine

Thanks for sharing this! Pictures speak louder than words and will be useful in my environmental class!

Shaun Fletcher

These photos are amazing. So many environmental issues facing our world can be concretely represented and analyzed with photos such as these. I'd like to see his display in a gallery! When I had shown these photo series to my students last year, there jaws dropped and really did not believe they were real numbers. It's just as mind blowing for adults. It makes you wonder where all this stuff goes and how most of our consumption and waste is out of sight and out of mind.

A. Mercer

I used the cigarette one for Red Ribbon Week, to add some visual pizzaz:

One of Mr. Long's students

The airplane picture reminds me of what [student name removed by Mr. Long] taught me and [student name removed by Mr. Long] about streamlines. It's so cool!


Mr. Long's response:

So pleased that you like these examples. He's an amazing artist, to be sure, and he definitely opens our minds to new ways of seeing very complicated data-based concepts.

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