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June 10, 2008



I'd argue that internationally there are just as many traditional schools - in two years teaching in SE Asia I saw a lot of "cells and bells" models. It is just a bit easier, I suspect, to be innovative, because there is less bureaucracy - and one inspirational leader can bring a vision to life more easily.

Currently, I am having the pleasure of working with the FNI team on a rebuild in Saskatchewan -- and have seen some of the buildings they've designed in Minneapolis. Truly inspiring what is possible when you're willing to throw out preconceptions and start from scratch. We're developing an educational model focussed on project-based service learning -- very exciting possibilities. Here's the story of our first foray into PBSL - without the new facility...yet. http://guerillaeducators.typepad.com/ge/2008/04/scott-collegiat.html

I'm excited for the future of education with people like FNI designing buildings...

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