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August 13, 2008


Kate Olson

Yay! This is so wonderful and I'm so happy for you and your family :-) Somewhat selfishly because I'm just imagining all the new fodder for This Mommy Gig.......can't wait to follow you in your papa X2 journey!

Louise Maine

Congratulations! What a happy event and what a record you will keep of the journey!


Wow..I am so excited to hear the news...what a big year for our family, lots of little kiddies running around soon and how sweet as they will all be close in age! So far we have all boys so maybe a little girl is on the way! Love to you both and congrats!


Seriously?? I still can not believe it! Congrats! We can't wait to share the time with you all once again. How perfect!!


Many, many, many congrats and high-fives from one family to another.

Truly excited and happy for you guys to be headed down the same path with us once again.

We enjoyed the first ride together and I can only imagine what the next 7+ months have in store for us.


All of our best to your family.


All the best to you! It's a wonderful journey.

John Pederson

Congrats. I just can't imagine you following two at a time with that camera.

Chris Lehmann

Mazel Tov!!!

Manny Rodrigues

Hooray! Another young mind to influence in deviant and rambunctious behavior!

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