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January 15, 2006



Amazing post -- I found myself nodding in agreement throughout.

Your note about standardized testing and crushing evaluation standards is spot-on...it's part of a general trend of taking control away from the people the system is supposed to be helping. As music, art and woodshop get shut down permanently in favour of remedial math, students lose any choice or the hope of developing skills in figuring out what they want or need to be learning.


I wasn't able to comment (error message) at the bottom of another post of yours: http://thinklab.typepad.com/think_lab/2006/01/blogging_and_th.html

Here's what I wanted to write over there:

Powerful stuff...still digesting it.

This is particularly fascinating from the perspective of someone who designs schools. I don't think it's any coincidence that you're arriving at these conclusions -- any good designer is trying to figure out the best way to meet the needs (explicit or intrinsic) of the people who will be using the finished product. It sounds like your designer's eye is seeing the fact that the basic premise of school is becoming obsolete...and a glimpse of what might replace it. I'd like to hear more about that.

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