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February 13, 2006


Hilary Mason

I love the term "being spaces"! I've been involved in a conversation about using this kind of space in higher education. I hope that the philosophy continues to expand, until education and work at all stages can be part of a larger community. Thanks for the post and the links.

Sam Harrelson

I'm trying to imagine how we could implement a model like this in our Middle School. What a powerful idea!


I have also being reading as much information about being spaces for the last couple of nights after coming upon the trendwatching website and found it to be hungely interesting. I myself have being thinkin of that kind of idea for the last 2 years and its great to see the concept been talked about. Its got huge huge potential and something i am going to go for as a business venture

Ryan d'Esterre

I too am in love with the idea of being spaces. I'm working on getting one built in our student center at The University of Montana- Helena College of Technology. Rightnow all we have is coffee shops and a library to go to. I've studied business and have a degree in small business management. I'm going to attempt to create a chain of being spaces. Let me know if you have any ideas. I will be working on this for a long time. Thank you. Ryan

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