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February 22, 2006


John Powers

Thank you very much for your nice comments. Tonight I realised that blogs are a way for me to learn the way I've always imaginged--and was jealous of-the way kids learn so much about computers. They play around and share what they learn with others.

Oh well, with blogs and all the rest kids are playing with today, their hyper-speed will leave me in the dust. Still it's a wonderful process.

My interest in Africa was an accident surfing on the Web. Today I found a very beautiful site about the life of Dan Eldon http://www.daneldon.org/about/index.html It pleased me because I had given a book made from Eldon's scrapbooks to a nephew published shortly after Eldon's death. That was years before I got online, but seeing the Web site reminds me my interest in Africa is not so new after all.

Your blog and your exceptional ability to ask really important questions reminds me that my interest in education hasn't really faded.

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