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May 15, 2006


Chris Lehmann

I *do* own it... it was the first song on the mixed CD we used to get fired up before big games, both on our girls basketball team and on the boys Ultimate team a few years ago.

It's an incredibly powerful song... I'm not an Eminem fan myself, but I could never deny that he tapped into something so very real with that song.

Graham Wegner

Christian, music can define many things that words or actions alone cannot. Maybe a cool thing in the future would be a certain track to kick in when you read a post on someone's blog - something that matches what the author is trying to convey! Maybe that's why the best digital stories always have the perfect music chosen to go with their images and text. It's probably a right brain thing (reading Dan Pink at present.) Maybe it's your impending fatherhood but your posts of late have reached an even higher standard. Excellent - but maybe having a baby in the house might slow your blogging output down to something the rest of us can keep up with!


Ooooh, goosebumply good writing today...both this one and the school tribute to Karla. Awesome!

Karyn Romeis

What a wonderful story! And a life lesson to boot. Those kids, as you say, will cheerlead whether or not they have uniforms. Meanwhile across town, perhaps that blonde, blue-eyed girl dressed in her perfect taken-for-granted outfit is agonising over the fact that she has a zit.

Perspective. Appreciation.

Finally holding in your hands something you worked for, sacrificed Saturday afternoons for - now that is a feeling worth having.

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