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May 03, 2006


John  Powers

I'll say Amen to active learners. But I admit that I'm too passive when it come to computers and the Internet.

That laziness sometimes leads to interesting stuff. When I started using Firefox I couldn't get the Google toolbar to load right. One thing really like is the highlighter:-) Not being able to figure that one out I downloaded the Clusty toolbar http://clusty.com/ I still love Google, but do find the clusters very useful, they provide some of the advantages of an advanced search without the bother. Clusty's advanced search is not as good as Google's.

Another aside, I can well understand why schools would disable image searches, but I just love to do them. It's kind of a backhanded way of getting deep into the pages results. It seems so useful to arrive at sites because of pictures that someone will figure a way to make it safe for kids to do that.

And http://rollyo.com/ is really cool, it allows you to search only within specified sites. I can think of lots of ways to make Rollyo a part of teacher-generated resources for students.

the reflective teacher

In teaching students to research a topic and write about it, the conversation usually sounds like this:

Teacher: "This is awesome! Where did you find this piece of information?"

Student: "I got it off Google."

Teacher: "Yeah, Google found what you were looking for, but who wrote what you quoted? What's the name of the website where you found this article?"

Student: "Google?"

Teacher: "Not possible. Google is a search engine. It finds what you're looking for. Google found this article for you. You read it. Where was the article?"

Student: "What's an article?"

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