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June 25, 2006


Harold Jarche

"The mastery learning schools would be funded when the individual child mastered the knowledge in one academic year’s individual education plan and moved on to the next academic (not calendar) year."

I'm much in favour of mastery learning and progression outside the age-based cohort, but this will raise some new challenges. What do you do with the 15 year-old who has completed all of the academic requirements? Perhaps it will force other states/provinces to rethink their education systems. I hope so.

Andrew Pass

I think the essence of this program will depend on the quality of the curriculum that students encounter when they are working on the computer. There are a lot of very interesting ideas out there, but I have not yet heard of systemic content instruction taking place via the computer. It is also important to remember that computer work should not take place in isolation. David Warlick helped me realize the types of socialization that could effectively take place online.

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