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August 14, 2006


John  Powers

A different approach from Clark University which found itself in a once prosperous neighborhood in steep decline. A great model in that Clark became a very significant partner in revitalizing the community http://www.clarku.edu/community/upp/

Clark student go there knowing that they are expected to play a role in their community.


Thank you for mentioning Smith. Northampton is one of the greatest towns in the country, and Smith is lucky to claim it as its "college town".



Yes, yes, yes, Northhampton and Smith both are blessed to have the other. And they were both very blessed to have you, too!


John, thanks for the link and mention of Clark. The most wonderful idea I've heard in awhile is the idea that students go to a school expecting to make a difference in that community...or one nearby.

What comes to mind immediately -- the architecture side of me here -- is the Rural Studio out of Auburn Univ where the design students literally live in the same impoverished neighborhoods that they are designing for, and becoming true allies, not just 'well-wishers' with good intentions.

Again, thanks!

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