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September 26, 2006


Harold Jarche

How true; and I just read this post about a similar kind of teachable moment in the workplace:

Life, and learning, is in the details.

the reflective teacher


Glad you like this one, Christian.

I've gotta say, this class was so involved with this discussion that Iknow if I were to test them on adjective placement, they'd pass the test with flying colors.

My only problem is passing off this same lesson to other classes without naming the student.

Then again, I suppose I could say: "I had a student who said he 'needed to go to the bathroom bad,'" and then follow from there.

Just want to say, I really appreciate the link, and I turly appreciate what you're doing to move schools forward. It's always surprising, innovative, and so close to what's already happening in schools that I'm amazed we don't push design over pedagogy.

Students first!

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