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October 04, 2006


John  Powers

"Making meaning" is one of those expressions that tends to rile those outside the classroom. The Socratic method is very good, but as you suggest intimidating at times. Figuring out just what's important isn't an easy task for a thinker of any age.

So this http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/mtarchive/berkman_podcasting_and_news_me.html
isn't right on topic, but to the more basic subject of making meaning. Mark Frydenberg was teaching an Into to Tech course and for extra credit had students create podcasts about one of the topics in the class.

"He found that his students would listen to a podcast of the course for 6-10 minutes. (The course podcasts were an hour and 15 minutes.) So, he asked them to make podcasts of that length about the course topics."

The post documents how students learned so much and gained much from the exercise. I was struck by how making 6-10 minute podcasts the students had to digest the information. Not exactly the Socratic Method, but something similar at play.

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