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November 29, 2006


Jan / The Faux Press

Great to see you dusting the edu-sphere up, Christian.

Ewan McIntosh

One thing I am beginning to realise is how unhelpful the edu bit is in the edublogosphere. We use our blogs to talk about a far more varied business in which we are engaged, but that business can't be summed up by 'edu' (it's tech, it's social, it's governance, it's corporate, it's citizen-based) or 'blogs' (it's video, bookmarking, images...)

So I think that some of the valley guys are already on our wavelength - it's the educationalists who have to come to their level now in terms of thinking about impact. Impact is not anecdotes of how things have helped make learning fun or deep - but what is the impact in the wider organisation? If we have social media use in our classrooms but not in the organisation then it's difficult to show impact and it's difficult for others to buy into our ideas.

There's a gauntlet being thrown down here, because it's only when you've got that, that things start getting taken seriously.

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