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November 21, 2006


Neil Winton

I think you should cut the kid his break... I like the snippet you've posted, and in my more cynical mode, think it's good to know the enemy...

Being realistic, I think it's encouraging to hear the views of a younger blogger, especially when they can make us think. We are too quick to put down what they have to say, while trying to find new ways to make them think the way we want them to think...

I hope he takes the bait!

John  Powers

"What will the black and white photos of tomorrow be?"

Recently I went with a friend to pick up an old Victrola he bought. Amazing device, wind the spring and put the needle on the record and it plays.

My friend is also an artist. Some of the work he's produced is media for which there's appropriate appliance to play it around anymore.

Some of what is produced in digital form will be locked away from view in a way quite different from the stable black and white photographic prints.

A part of the trick of keeping the stories of today for tomorrow will be in negotiating the frantic pace of obsolescence. And maybe in taking some black and white photographs today.


Hey, I managed to get to E's blog by searching the first line of the quote you posted on Technorati; so in some ways, you have linked to him, just in-directly ;-)

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