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November 12, 2006



Hm. Interesting, wacky, creative, fun. They still seem more fun for the creator than for students, but still...Thanks for highlighting this, Aaron. I'd never have seen it otherwise.

Aaron Nelson

Marco, Christian, and anyone who reads this comment:

I wonder something about your comment Marco: You said: "They seem more fun for the creator than the student."

Maybe I'm reading your wrongly, but it seems that there is something sorta wrong with the teacher having fun.

I wonder what would happen if more teachers had fun while teaching. Still teaching what needs to be taught, but actually enjoying the process.

Great teachers, I think, inspire their students to dive deeper. Our job is to influence, as well as deliver the curriculum in meaningful ways. Power to you and what you teach if you can honestly say that you have fun while you do it...don't you think?

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