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November 05, 2006


John Furrier

I love this post. I agree with you. Education is the key to the new generation who consume the new media faster with more energy than traditional sources. The ipod is the new textbook. Blogs are the new hangout.

vloggies for education is a must!

Drew Murphy

Firstly, love your blog, dude. Intelligent, passionate.

I totally agree with what's being said here. In fact, I think the web 2.0 process offers an emancipation for teachers to express themselves and sculpt their content into amazing new types of curriculum. To this end, I'm having a blast.

I teach a grade 10 planning course. Last year I was doing straight up videos around resumes and job search topics. Great experience for me, boring for kids. So this year, as I sat awake at 3 am one night, I realized that this digital medium gives me the freedom to present things anyway I like and be anyone I want. So.... I created a set of characters who each present the content in their own ways. The kids loved it! Kids were shaking my hands in halls thanking me for doing it. I had parents emailing me and addressing me, tongue in cheek, as one of the characters. I made posters in my class of each of the characters and I've designed an online "living on your own" simulation using these characters as members of this new community. All the students will have wiki "apartments" where we visit each other and do "work" and these characters I've created will drop into student wikis with quick video and audio visits. Along the way I'll use these characters to weave stories and raise issues in the community and integrate myself into this world in a multitude of ways. Its just starting now!!! I'm turning my curriculum into a living narrative of characters and story lines.

Now its still sort of new and the videos are very homespun but I'm experiencing a profound level of creative expression. And I can see the day when lessons and units become something else, like a curriculum sculpture or a knowledge party. Its crazy, but its truly possible. Here take a look at my videos, see what you think. They're "wack" but they work. I embedded these videos into our school community system. (We have this great system that allows me to gather feedback and create discussion within the page.)

The videos

resumes part 1

resumes part 2

cover letters

interviews part 1

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