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December 31, 2006


Guy Pelletier

You are right on the money with this kid. If 10% of 15 years in the world had this ability, all of the worlds woes would be in trouble.


John Dodds

How long till someone starts talking about "Yuvi-rays" in respect of his increasing connectivity?

Lisa Coultrup

I enjoyed this post very much, and I am glad that this young man is getting the attention he is.He is a very smart person, as well as funny.
I will be linking to your blog, so that I may come back and read your thoughts on education today.
Happy New Years

Sam Jackson

Yuvi sounds cool! I'm jealous of all the attention. I guess I should have kept writing about the web instead of strictly writing about education and college admissions...!


1. The word suck in context has great effect. It's also how 15 year olds talk when they aren't using the rhyming word that starts with an f.

2. His about me page ... well it doesn't do it for me and the [citation needed] part ... it's silly.

Good luck to him. He has one of those names (at least to my name list) that stands on it's own. He needs no second name.

I'm sure he'll contact you and find out what you would like to propose. Enjoy.



I'm currently unemployed(School sucks:D), so any Ideas, I'm yours to pick...


I'm not sure of the original context, but "suck" has a fairly specific technical usage among geeks. "Software that doesn't suck" is about as high of a praise a particular program can receive given the amount of bugs, security issues, mediocre user interface designs, and performance issues that plague developers.


Jeff – True, very true. “Suck” does have a pretty well-known value in the technology realm (read anything Scoble writes and you ‘get that’ immediately). At the same time, the trick for Yuvi – and others of his generation – is to be able to ‘translate’ their ideas to multiple audiences, including those who will not value “suck” as a valuable way to express self. Or, to at least help dig:nat’s ‘get’ the plus/minus column of their language choices. Ultimately, it’s how we are perceived…and how we handle that perception…that matters.

Cheers, Christian


Yuvi — Yes, I received your email and blog comment; good to ‘meet’ you in both ways.

I‘m definitely looking forward to getting to know you better in the year ahead, hearing more about what you’re hoping to pull off as a learner (aka ’student’) while in school and as an entrepreneur (aka ‘professional’) now and in the coming years.

If you have a Skype account, look me up: christianadamslong and let’s find time to begin brainstorming together, and for me to simply hear more about what is pulling you ‘forward’ as a ‘wanna-be geek’, learner, and rising professional. If not, we can continue the evolving conversation via email. Once I get a better sense of your goals/instincts, I’ll share a few ideas I have that may be of value to you…but it has to be customized to what you’re seeking, not the other way around.

In the meantime, enjoy the rush of attention, the great network you’re quickly developing, the development of your current beta analysis tool, and the great unknown that lies ahead. Soon you’ll want to create your “goals” list so that you can make good decisions with all that may come your way; make sure it fits what you want to accomplish, no matter how tempting the opportunity may be (what you may see with me, as well). Oh, and congrats on being Scobled 2x in one week. That’s gotta put you up there with Google’s team, Ze Frank, Amanda, Dave Winer, and a few select others, he smiles. Nicely done!

Happy New Year…and look forward to learning more from you in the days/weeks/months ahead.


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