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December 21, 2006


Graham Wegner

Christian, I'm talkin' tongue in cheek here, but how will you know if he has honoured your request to remove your site? Maybe someone not on the list can let you know - but googlejuice is googlejuice, I suppose. One ironic thing I noticed after I visited (checking out my place in the list!) was that Doug Noon's excellent Borderland was listed (no surprise to anyone who reads widely across the edublogosphere) but one of his fiercest foes (no link to dignify him either) who has done some flaming in Doug's comments of very dubious educational origin was listed there as well. Not that Doug would care - lists aren't his thing, either. A mixed bag indeed - if you are concerned about the motives behind this list, then I'm rethinking my indifference and considering following your lead.

Graham Wegner

Back again. Couldn't resist going to look to see if your request had changed anything and yes, it's been removed. Vicki Davis' Cool Cat Teacher Blog has also been moved to a new category and another blog has been plugged in to keep things on an even 100. I used google's cached version to compare - but now I think i will stay away from oedb.

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