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January 11, 2007



Wait - so according to #9, we can get paid for this? And here we are, doing it for free like a bunch of suckers...





Interesting you bring this up. I have been thinking about it for a long time now and find that practioners and reserachers have found little to help students make connections between school and work.

I cant even think of many organisatons worldwide doing good work in this area.

Can you?


Andrew Pass

I've previously written on another website that regardless of what somebody wants to do as a career, blogging is a great preparation. What job doesn't require critical thinking. Good bloggers demonstrate deep thought through their writing. What job doesn't require selling in one form or another? Blogging certainly requires selling, or at least marketing, if you want people to read your blog. Just look at the list of nine careers and you'll see that blogging would help somebody develop the skills for any one of them. (For example, with talent agents, bloggers have to select other blogs to place into their "Blogs I read daily," list. Speaking of this list, Christian, don't you see some talent in my work? I'm not there!! (If I knew how to draw an unhappy face here, I would do so.) Just Kidding!!

Anyhow, it's just a thought.

Andrew Pass


Interesting questions. I am a guidance counselor and I do read Fast Company. I always check on the hot jobs, but given that my students are five to 8 years away from entering the world of work (we are a college prep school), the data may not stand the test of time. As well, given ours is an international school and our students will eventually settle all over the world, the fast company does not always help our kids planning outside of the USA.

We are embarking on our career unit with grade 10 students. I suspect some of teh students do similiar as you, cobble together something, but that is their choice. We give no grades for the assignment.

You can see it here:
Click on the grade 10 career unit (you might notice that ast company gets a link early one).

If focuses on:
Self awareness
Labour market information and trends
the idea of "follow your bliss."

We do the assignment not because we beleive most students will actually follow through to the end, but rather they discover the tools, processes and begin a conversation about what is important to them.

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