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January 22, 2007


Diana Laufenberg

It's going to be the start of class tomorrow... can't believe it was only filmed about two weeks ago. These are the stories that need to lead the nightly news, because these are the stories that should far outnumber the negative, pessimistic versions of the world.

My students just had their first attempt at digital storytelling. Some flourished, others struggled. But the vast majority of them had to be kicked out of the lab(becuase they wanted to stay and work), were emailing over the weekend and took a serious amount of pride in the output. We put the finishing touches on tomorrow,the goal was to tell the story of a person that used/uses their life to postively impact other people. The assignment was broad, but allowed for some creativity in the telling and topics for the stories. The water buffalo story is one more example of the type of stories I want my students to be able to tell about their own lives. Thank you for the link! Made my day!


So pleased that you can take this stunning video and make use of it so quickly, Diana! Your heart and intellect are aligned brilliantly right now. Enjoy the process and discovery!

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