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February 15, 2007


Rolf Erikson

Christian, I would be very interested in hearing Dan Pink's thoughts on how he envisions the role of the school library as part of the process of effectively educating Millennials in general and right-brainers specifically. What new and different features and spaces does he think should be a part of the library facility that we don't typically find in current school design?

Steve Borsch

Wow...nicely done to snag Dan Pink! This fired me up so I did this post and, rather than re-write a bunch of stuff, take a peek: http://www.iconnectdots.com/ctd/2007/02/the_next_big_le.html


What physical form and function to you see a school having in the future when today people (who aren’t students) can work from anywhere? And as this trend of being able to work from anywhere continues in the future, how should we educate today’s students on still having people skills and being able to communicate just not through the internet?

How can we design a school to be a place where people are open to the world through the internet but still learn by talking to the people around them?

How can we design high schools and colleges so that students can learn through playing and being creative. (Play, being one of the senses in your book) And seeing that today older students don’t play and create as much as younger students did.

How can the design of our future education system tell a story to the students? A story that contains facts that our just taught to us today in their raw format?

How can the design of a school balance the teaching of facts and the teaching of skills we are taught for right brain thinking?

My favorite I think is the last one. What do you think? Sorry, if these questions don't seem really well thought out. It is late at night and I didn't want to miss the call.

Of coursed I blogged my questions.

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