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March 02, 2007


A. Mercer

This is ironic. I was wenching about how poorly the upper elementary kids "fit" in our classrooms. Actually I wenched about how the classes and other acotrements are so out of scale. I have 30 cubbies in my class, but 33 students. The desks no longer fit all the student's textbooks (I'd prefer smaller texts personally). I have just a small wish for the desks. I'd like them to have a trash bin on the side, so that the kids have somewhere to put their pencil shavings, etc., and I'd like the desks to adjust without my have to get on my hands and knees with an allen wrench. I'm sorry I know this isn't very web 2.0. but I couldn't resist.

Really, I'd like a school like they had in Serenity (Firefly movie), outdoors with notepads, etc. scrap the textbooks, forget the four walls, etc.

Dan Meyer

Yo anyone seen Christian around these days?

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