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May 23, 2007


Sam Jackson

I think that such a world, though coming soon, could easily overwhelm and / or leave behind many people, creating either an unconnected underclass or a breed of luddites who might even turn to terrorism to achieve their ends! But then again, I've read too much sci-fi.


Welcome to my (our) world... ;-)


Kelly Christopherson

As I watched the video and the thought about my own kids, I wonder how growing up in such a world will affect how they view so many things. Will the continued morale view of "Truth being individual" change our social structures? Will the digital divide continue to grow until it becomes more of a problem than the economic divide? Will schools be transformed to help kids develop understanding through creation? As much as I see many of the advances we are making being positive, I worry that we are losing some of the social consciousness that binds us together. Maybe these younger children will recognize some of these things and be able to bring together things we cannot.

brian c.

Life imitating art. The Truman Show becomes reality for millions...

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