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May 24, 2007


Bud Gibson

I agree with the point about increasing the speed of publication and also about using liveblogging or other blogging to build a connecting bridge among teachers and students. We've been working on a blog learning community that aims to do just that at:


Ewan McIntosh

I liveblog at nearly every conference I go to. It helps me concentrate, lets me investigate the things being talk about and I can write alongside with my own thoughts and analysis. I can do all this because I type REALLY quickly, and I know it provides a service for those who aren't there.

For me, as a public servant, I think it's poor if the public at large can't share what they're paying for (my accommodation, flight, conference).

But, again, just because everyone can blog doesn't mean they should. Liveblogging isn't easy, is more demanding than the yellow pad copy and paste and you need to have skills in writing and typing quickly. If you can't/don't/won't then don't bother filling our aggregators with notes which make no sense ;-)

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