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June 28, 2007



I like that thought that speakers are the past and blogger's cafe are the future! so amazingly and frighteningly so...

Chris Lehmann

What I'm really not happy about is that there doesn't seem to be an "unlimited text" option. I had unlimited texting on my now-dead Treo, and that rocks. With so much info coming via the phone and text messages, 200 a month seems reductive to me. That's too bad.

(And I figured out that my Treo phone is more money than the iPhone charges, but I'm still a bit more wary now.)


Agree with you, Chris. Seems that they are robbing Peter to pay Paul on some level, when there are opportunities for 'commitment' and 'licensing' that will underwrite the iPhone. Asking people to commit to the service plans at that level this early? Mmmm...keeping me away. And if I have to pay for text, I'm not texting! Not via phone, anyways!

Mrs. Durf -- I think you were responding to a different blog post, but I agree with you!

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