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June 01, 2007

Are We Ready? Are We Paying Attention?



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My wife (a full-time 4th grade teacher and her school's IT specialist) recently showed this video to me. Very powerful stuff. She is trying every day to integrate more and more technology into her school's curriculum but it is an uphill road. It is amazing what even her 4th grade students know about technology & the internet, but at the same time it is equally amazing how many teachers do NOT know much about technology! This is her biggest hurdle she faces— that is, motivating the other educators to grow themselves and step outside of their comfort zones to learn more about the technology world that surrounds us. This video in your post, along with some others we found online, also prompted me to blog about something related: http://www.palermiti.org/2007/05/19/the-machine/


The video above seems to celebrate the fact that infants are spending hours a day in front of computers. Did I get that right, that is a good thing?

If technology is such a boon in education why don't US schools appear at the top of any achievement rankings?

If you have a list where US schools do rank near the top, it has probably been printed upside down.

Wow! I really wish I could get my kid's schools to see and understand that. I still have trouble getting an email address for my kids teacher (and if I do, they never check it). I fear for my children who live in a technological world but are taught in the ramshakled remains of the red brick schoolhouse.

Thanks for sharing.

"The video above seems to celebrate the fact that infants are spending hours a day in front of computers. Did I get that right, that is a good thing?"

Peter, if they're learning, is that a bad thing?

Also, technology IS a boon in education. We're just failing to use it. That's the point of the video.

Ryan - I am not aware of any evidence whatsoever that supports your assertion. It is not for lack of looking. I am a video/multimedia producer. I am a certified Montessori educator and have an MA in Philosophy of Education. If you have any evidence whatsoever to support your assertion I would love to see it. Forward me the links if that is easier

thanks, all the best

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