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June 05, 2007



And the fact there is now available technologies plus free platorms for stories to be told... BEAST!


Tim Lauer

Great story, thanks for helping to share it with others...

Gordon R. Vaughan

"I'm trying to imagine how many kids are sitting in 'our' classrooms right now that are only a few years away from a story of their own unfolding similar to that which Emerald shares here. And how many of them we overlook today because we aren't asking them the right questions about their dreams."

That's true. We hear so much about the importance of "Education", but what we really need to remember is the value of each individual student.

Even a small piece of advice, guidance or encouragement to a young person can end up making a huge difference down the road. That's one of the things that motivates me with my blog AeroGo [http://www.xanga.com/AeroGo] for engineering students.

There's so many students interested in aerospace, technology and other subjects, but often they have very little guidance about what to do and where the opportunities are.

Engineering school is very tough, but a lot of these kids may end up being leaders in a decade or two if someone just gives them a little help and encouragement now, and especially if we can broaden their horizons along the way.

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