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June 01, 2007

Ever Curious What a Teacher Actually "Makes"?

If you've never seen a slam poet's take on "what a teacher makes", this might be a great 3 minute treat for a quiet moment this summer

While it speaks to the traditional foundations of the teaching role, it also speaks to the heart and soul of it.  Language is appropriate.  Intensity is unapologetic.  Congrats to all of the teachers who have just finished up for the year, are on the home-stretch, or are about to rev up the engines again for another program this summer (or another phase of their year-round program)!


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Taylor Mali is awesome.

As a future teacher, this is exactly how I feel. I too have heard the snide comments made when I tell my goals. I too have heard the snickers at how I will never be paid for the TRUE work I will do. I too have heard a bunch of jealous people. That is the life of a teacher.


is unbelievably good. ~respectful applause~

Love this! Thanks. I'll use it in class this fall.

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