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June 27, 2007


Stephen Downes

What I've learned from quite a bit of airline travel...

1. Always bring a snack. I usually bring one or two 500 gram packages of mixed nuts. These will actually keep you fed for four or five hours. What you are looking for is high food value, low weight.

2. Always bring water. You can't take water through security in Canada so I buy it in the departure lounge (bring change, you might have to use vending machines).

If you live somewhere where you can't take water with you, bring food with a high moisture content. Like, say, oranges.

3. Bring entertainment. This means your iPod and your computer. I use noise cancellation headphones - the only defense against a quartet of screaming babies. Bring extra batteries or rechargers.

4. Travel early. By that, I mean, travel at least 24 hours, and usually more, before you need to be somewhere, even if it's a short flight (and especialy if it's a long one). Plan, in other words, for a delay or cancellation.


Stephen -- As a guy who used to lead a wide range of outdoor education trips with students (including one that spent 3 weeks wandering the Canadian Rockies), I'd say with confidence that I'd bring you with me anytime I travel in extreme conditions (and definitely by plane). A seriously focused travel suggestion. Thanks!

Now that I travel with a baby often, I can technically survive as long as I am comfortable drinking his bottled formula and munching on pureed fruit. But I like your suggestions better.

And as one of those guys with screaming baby (rarely, but it does occur for few minutes as he adjusts to altitude), I agree on the iPod and batteries!

Cheers, Christian

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