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June 23, 2007


Karl Fisch

Glad you liked it (them?). Tim Tyson had some nice examples in his closing keynote at NECC. He was showing video projects the students had done and they had added student reflections to the beginning of the video, so you heard the students reflect on the project, and then saw the video (they were all amazing). http://mabryonline.org


Heard a great deal about Tyson's talk today, so you're obviously in great company, Karl Love the link to the video you shared to what he brought. The key? Empowering kids...and taking them seriously. Keep an eye out on the UK's MediaSnackers -- they are creating "digital journalists" across the globe by empowering kids to use new media in powerful ways! Could be an interesting group for you to hook up with.

BTW, there was an interesting 'criticism' of the blogging video I found on a new site that linked back to mine (and your video). Said that while on many levels it was important to see kids do this, it also felt 'flat'. Might be worth checking out.

Here is the link:




Karl -- Yes, definitely. And the Tyson mention is well worth it, too.

BTW, there is an interesting 'critique' on the blogging example you provided on another blog that asks whether the kids are doing enough. Might be worth exploring, although I still appreciate the point of your videos.

Link: http://fleshisgrass.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/if-blog-comments-are-driving-the-online-education-revolution-then-why-are-they-organised-so-badly/

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