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June 27, 2007



Humble thanks for the double-feature - really appreciate it...

Felt I hit my 'top' with this one: http://www.mediasnackers.com/report/2007/February/01/268/



DK -- First and foremost, great stuff with Robinson and Heppell -- truly!

You've just this something-something that manages to bring people into conversation on a very comfortable level, and that says a lot. Been a pleasure while working with DesignShare to collaborate with you on several interviews...and will enjoy listening from 'afar' from this point forward. And if you do get the Queen, let me know!

Secondly, YIKES on the example you gave when you "hit my 'top'" comment. Who is that guy? You should be interviewing more teachers instead! (he smiles)

Cheers to you, brother.


i have a drawing of granchester Church, done in the 60s its signed by Ken Robinson, do you think it could be the Sir Ken Robinson? do you know if thers anyway i can contact him or he contact me.
kind regards
john houghton

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