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June 28, 2007


Paul Hillsdon

This is a real solution. Transforming the traditions of library, learning centres, and schools. This is definitely going to foster better community, and will encourage multi-generational mingling. While this is only one part of the "School 2.0" revolution, it is a big, well needed shaking of our perception of "school time".

I do not agree however that learning should be simply transferred onto the computer. The whole online schooling initiative is far too over blown and will never come anywhere close to killing person-on-person learning; I should know, I've been in online school for the past two years.


Paul -- You make 2 great points. It is indeed a "well needed shaking of our perception" of what we mean by school on many levels.

And as many of us know intuitively or due to experience, on-line 'anything' -- work, school, relationships -- does not adequately replace F2F interactions. Ever.

The goal for all of us, I believe, is to weave the 2 together, allowing 'education' to be accessed 24/7 on multiple levels so that one can engage those within reach and those within link.


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