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June 28, 2007


Ethan Bodnar

Where do we sign up?

Arthus Erea

Sitting back at home reading everything through blogs... :)

I'd love to see conferences become more open so that is is actually feasible for a student like myself to attend them. That means we need to be actively invited and price points need to be much lower. Also, if we figure out an effective online conferencing model kids will be able to attend it.


Funny? Ironic? Telling?

So far, it is only 'kids' who have responded. Thanks, Arthus and Ethan -- glad to have your voices in the mix.

Yes, price is an issue, and the opportunity to participate via an online conference tool would be stellar. NECC would have been a great opportunity to do just that..and have students allowed to participate that way, too. Fortunately, the # of live bloggers and other blogging is ramping up, so you get some access.

My suggestion to you both? Write a letter to a great conference that you want to go to -- explain that you are a passionate 'kid' blogger who has a passion for the topic. Would they allow you to have a free or subsidized entry fee if you agree to blog the conference? Turn it into an opportunity.

However it shakes down, 'kids' need to be there!

Thanks to you both for adding your voices. Hopefully some 'adults' will add their voices as well. Or at least their ears/eyes (he smiles).

Cheers, Christian

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