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July 25, 2007




Another baseball fan in the world: sweet!

We recently went on our annual family trip to Yankee Stadium

The weather was glorious, the Yankees won convincingly, we got to watch a Little League teammate of my son's (Brendan Harris, TB Devil Rays) rack up some major league hits...this journey started for me when Scott was a 5-year-old T-ball player. Now baseball's another layer of my life.

Think of what Beckett will learn: teamwork, memorization (stats, rules & regs.), math (batting averages, league standings), communication skills(my "little guy" is now the Sports Director at a small local TV channel).

Maybe we should build schools in the baseball stadiums!

Cathy Nelson

My boys are 17 & 19 and my husband's life long goal (and theirs too)is to go to a game at every MLB park in the league. They love the game too. I have to admit, I'm enjoing the trips anyway.

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