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August 02, 2007


Stephanie Sandifer

Hi Christian --

Just letting you know that you've been tagged: http://www.ed421.com/?p=329


Christian Long

Fascinating 8 things you wrote on your blog, Stephanie. I'm going to refrain from doing an 8 things meme post here since it doesn't fit with what I'm trying to shift this blog towards, but on a human level, I really appreciate the chance to take a peek at your history before blogging came knocking. Probably why I love Twitter updates that go beyond tech and work, because we get to see a bit about the people behind the Tweets. Thanks for tagging me and sharing a bit more about your life! Cheers, Christian

Christian Long

Okay, on 2nd thought, Stephanie, I'm letting the "I appreciate your invite" part of my brain/heart continuum to get the best of me. Will add my own 8 Things meme piece soon. Sorry for acting so poorly the first time around when I commented. We live, we learn, and thankfully we get 2nd chances! Cheers, Christian

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