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August 21, 2007


Chris Lehmann

Have a fantastic first day, my friend!

Carolyn Foote

Go for it. I hope you have an incredible year.


Enjoy! The kids on your lists don't know how lucky they are. Or what's about to hit 'em.


The teacher is back where he belongs and where he NEEDS to be. I hope you learn from your students as much as they are about to learn from you.

Passion is the key to success. Enjoy the ride.

Clay Burell

Christian, how do I find your archives? There's no "Older posts" or "archives" link on your blog front page. I wanted to link people to your "What is an A?" post, but can't get to it - unless I'm blind.

Just FYI :)

Christian Long

Clay: Did some re-formatting (and spring cleaning) with the blog recently. A few things need to be replaced or realigned. The archives are one of those. Thanks for the reminder...and hopefully we'll be able to track down that post for you.


To everyone: Thanks. Much appreciated on all fronts. Thrilled to be back where I belong...and that today is ONLY the first day of many, many more to come!


AWESOME! i'm excited for and can't wait for an update about the first day!

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