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August 18, 2007



I may have to hang this up over my desk as a reminder to myself.


first, THANK YOU! this post is exactly what i needed to read after coming home today from my new school's new teacher academy. i was beginning to feel overwhelmed and this suffocating blanket of fear was also starting to take hold. this new school do things so differently and actually work smarter instead of harder. unfortunately and sadly i was trained right out of college to work harder instead of smarter at my previous school. so naturally everything that was coming at me today was both exciting and scary! so thank you for reminding me of why i'm here and why i crossed paths with this school.

and second, do you mind if i copy this and memorize it verbatim!?!

Bud Hunt

Well said, and a good reminder for those of us in new places. Go get 'em. Respectfully, of course.

Eric Langhorst

Good luck. I look forward to reading about your adventures this year in the classroom. Welcome back.


Christian Long

Too many reasons to say "Thanks" to each of you -- Eric, Bud, Z, Jenny -- right now. Thanks for the responses!

In some respects, this post should fall into the "scribbled into my journal" column, but something about putting it out there publicly forces me to stay headed towards True North when ego/ideas/question muddy the waters.

Z -- Hang in there. I used to get so utterly frustrated in the past years in meetings and such; somehow the hiatus away from teaching has changed the point of it all for me, and now, I'm just utterly honored to be back in the game, and will do whatever the school needs me to do. Why? Because it's all rosey? No. Because it's for a higher purpose than just my needs/career...and it finally hit me this summer after 10+ years of being an educator.

Better late than never, n'est-ce pas?

Cheers to you all!

Tracy Rosen

Very timely as I am about to start a new adventure in a new school myself.

I agree with the higher purpose slant. Teaching for me goes well beyond my own needs/career as well.

Great post, glad I found it.


Good luck 07-08, practise going to bed earlier and eating breakfast!

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