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August 19, 2007


Damian Bariexca

Christian - I teach Honors Brit Lit at my school; last year, in my first foray into wikis, I had my class compile a wiki on the Romantic movement. There's also some blog-style discussion on there. It's currently protected, but if you're interested in having your kids do something with it (maybe edit or add to it?) when they read Frankenstein (as mine did), drop me an email and I can un-protect it or invite your students to join the site.

Here's the link:



Damian -- Given how many conversations we've been in as of late re: 'new' teachers, I love that we both have begun to talk about BritLit serendipitously at this point. Gotta be a good omen, right? I'm feeling pretty confident we'll be knocking around a few ideas together for class (to say the least!).

Great wiki. Really appreciate that you've taken the time to reflect upon the project and experience from your vantage point and the perspective of your students as well. Also really value the rubric and clear definitions of what was expected. And obviously I can see how the resource content-wise was a real blessing for you and the kids to be able to share over the length of the unit.

Definitely increasing my desire to add wikis to my classes, Damian. Thank you! Let's definitely begin brainstorming in the coming weeks once I have some time under my belt with the kids/classes. As we begin to enter Lord of the Flies land, I think I'll be in great shape (about 2 weeks in)...and will be ready to test the idea waters more thoughtfully!

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