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August 02, 2007


Kelly Dumont

I am going to share this with teachers in a podcasting class next week, just to see how many faint. Why must educators work in such an atmosphere of FUD.

Bud Hunt

Well said. Very well said. Were I in the classroom right now, I don't know that I'd be trying to implement Twitter, either -- unless I had a use that demanded the tool, and not the other way around.

Tim Lauer

Hey Christian... I agree. I'm tired of the "how ya gonna use this in education.." question. I use it because I like it. I'm done with the techno evangelist role. If others see value too, great. If not, well... there's always Statetris http://www.mapmsg.com/games/statetris/usa/

Brian Crosby

Christian - couldn't agree more. And it is not just Twitter - it is too easy when you are reading blogs to hear about whatever new thing has come out and feel that pressure, albeit self imposed, to do something with it. I just posted about this similarly ... from the standpoint of this app is a waste of time or "I can't see how someone could use Flickr in an educational setting" as I recently read on someone's blog. Well fine then, don't use it and don't feel pressure to use it. If it is going to be valuable to you "it will come." I compared it to how I started using Skype in the classroom. I knew about it. Had used it a few times at home - but wasn't going out of my way to use it with my class just to say I had ... and viola a reason to use it came up and that decision was kind of made for me.
Nice post.

Chris Lehmann

A-yep. To me, and I've got a post jumping around in the brain about this, this is the difference also between personal learning and community / constructed learning that Will was asking about the other day.

Karen Janowski

Glad to see people rethinking some of these tools for our classrooms. Twitter, in particular, is difficult to implement and creates another set of obstacles for some of our students with disabilities.

Christian Long

ALL: Thanks for so quickly responding via Twitter message to this post. Ironic that Twitter allowed the rapid-fire connection even though I've written about NOT using it the classroom? (he smiles, of course)

Karen: Appreciate your points. For me, however, even if it COULD be integrated and implemented, I still would not plan on using it. The issue for me is not whether we can use it, but that I no longer am interested in doing so on that level. Want to figure out what we are passionate about first idea-wise, and then and only then consider whether a 2.0 tool is of value along the way.

Tim: Agree on the refuse-to-be the tech evangelist anymore. I'm done trying to argue that anyone should start to blog (fill with your fav 2.0 tool) because blogging exists. Instead, I am interested in "global learning brands" that our kids now have...and seeing what allows these to evolve. Teachers/Admins, too. But blog to blog? Blah!

Chris: Get that blog post posted, brother from another mother! Can't wait to read. Is it done yet? Now? What about now?

Brian: Brilliant text re: it's useful if its useful, beautiful if its beautiful. Or, it'll come if it comes. Agreed on all fronts!

Bud: Yes, intention must trump tool every time! Thanks.

Kelly: Love to hear what your podcasting classs has to say. Good, bad, and Twitterent. Thanks for the first comment on this tread, BTW.


Bravo! You justified this one for me. I had really wondered if there was going to be any translation, and secretly hoped that my inability to find one was a rational feeling. This helps.

Cathy Nelson

I love Twitter too, but only because it lets me know what friends (or follower i like to be better friends with) are doing. I enjoy the silly, mundane, hypothetical, please, and more that come form twitter. It would not be meaningful to just anyone though...sory for typos..can't see well due to eye surgery.

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