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August 18, 2007



Hey, been reading awhile...love what you have to say about the changing face of education. Anyway, about BritLit allies, my friend Glenn has taught BritLit in the past, not sure what he's teaching at his new school. Check out his blog, link below!


Carolyn Foote

I don't know if you've seen these from Ms. Kakos at Arapahoe High School--


She had some students do projects in photostory on Romanticism.

(I used this as my model for our Vietnam project, actually).

Thought it might provide some inspiration!


Ask and ye shall receive (and smile with a mile wide grin!).

Melissa: Glenn's work has already lit a fire in a few new synaptic corridors of my Brit Lit oriented brain. Been wanting to do a wiki to support my kids (and hopefully to get them involved in co-editing/co-building it over time)...and decided it's a definite after seeing his work. Also, loved the Brit Lit podcast ideas...and sense quite a bit of 'listening' happening in the future once I really get a chance to dive in. And the iTunes U link(s) open up a compelling conversation point for me and the kids, too. In an ideal world, I'd love to have every lesson podcasted so that each kid/family could listen in. Might not be fit for this first year back, but perhaps in time. We'll see. Thanks!

Carolyn: Yes, the projects hold much promise. Had a chance to review a few of them this morning...and can definitely 'imagine' ways of using multi-media presentations on this level as a supplement to the core writing we'll be doing. No doubt that if the minimum expectations and a sense of 'design'/layout/staging are considered well ahead of time, the quality of work can really live up to the ideas. Thanks for the link. Definitely added to my idea file!

Ewan McIntosh

You might like some of the Literacy resources created by us at Learning and Teaching Scotland:

The graphic novels stuff is great for kids from about 7-17. God breadth, then! ;-)

Christian Long

Ewan -- Tremendous resource you sent me. Thank you. The 'graphic novel' leap is one that is on my to-do list this year or next, both in class as well as part of re-creating the school's lit mag over time. No doubt that the intersection of imagination and creativity through graphic novels is limitles...and very timely. Thank you again. Love the links that I found after digging around a bit this afternoon. Need to do so many more times over.

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