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November 17, 2007




I wasn't sure where you were going with this - symbolism of colors to black to white: life to death to resurrection?

But after a little searching, I found the band's site at http://tinyurl.com/2b23sn

Their philosophy and goals are a perfect description of living in a flat, connected, creative, collaborative world.

Can't wait to see what my high school class makes out of this! Can't wait to hear about your audience's reaction, also!

Dan Meyer

Man that track/video rocks. The rest of their tracks on virb are pretty awful but I don't care. That one track is this perfect little calcified gem, an ode to raucous energy.

For the record, for anyone curious, in order to get that vaguely herky-jerky quality, in order to let the drummer do some impossible stick-flips, they slowed the song down (by my eyes, about 85%) and performed to the SLOWED DOWN version.

Then they sped the video back up to 100% and it all looks awesome, especially 'cause they only dialed it down about 15%. Nothing too absurd.

Neither is this too difficult a feat in Final Cut Express.




Dan - While I'm still continents away from diving down the editing side of the rabbit hole, I love the thinking process you shared in terms of how they managed to play around with speed and delivery. While I'm geeking to the metaphorical uses of the video, obviously the "let's play with it" side of things needs to be highlighted, too. Now, if only I can manage to get it downloaded so that I can show it to the audience next week (since I'm certain Vimeo is blocked at their school). Ah, the irony...

Diane -- Man, you have to share what your students' response(s) was/were to the segment. And thanks for the well-typed rationale for what I'm trying to do on my end. Agree with you re: the "perfect description" aspect. Gracias!



This rocks!!

I'm going to use it the first chance I get...

(and credit you for finding it of course).


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