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November 20, 2007


Ethan Bodnar

Best of luck with finding a way to go. I never put my name on the waiting list because I don't even have a salary, though I do admit to sending an email to the people at TED trying to barter my way in. It would be amazing to have you attend, though if it doesn't happen, thats fine because sometimes you have to be grateful for what you already have, which I know you are.


Ethan -- I was just out in the garden watering the plants before heading to the airport, enjoying the 75+ deg days with T'giving only a stone's throw away, and wondering what it would be like to be out in Monterey in early 08 with the Tedizens. I think papa has to play conservative with his financial hand on this one -- although Santa could come through -- even if 'getting to TED' was on of my big-5 goals in the last 5 years. You're a good man for the final comment about being grateful. I'm grateful that my experiences the last few years put me in a position to be invited. I'm even more grateful that my adorable son being the focus of my paycheck these days may prevent me from jumping on that plane and idea-hobnobbing with the big-thinkers against the Pacific surf.

P.S. I was putting together a very short list of folks I'd give my TED spot to. Maybe 5 people I've 'met' in the last few years. Your name was in that list. Can't think of many more duly deserving folks who should be there from my network.

Chris Lehmann



Go in all our names.

Take a few days off from school for a few extra speeches.


Woe man that's simply incredible and more importantly, deserved - TED would be richer with you there and they should be paying you ;-)

You have reminded me to fill out the online application form to apply myself...


Ah, the price tag. {The way to keep the riff-raff out.} I remember when it was only 3500 and I still couldn't afford to go. Just have to watch the video online and comment.

I know several folks that have gone in the past.

I'm actually begininng to think the elite [$$$$] nature of the event makes it the biggest ever rich folks [boys] club.



To be able to be there with the TEDsters is one of my life dreams: congrats to you!

I use TED talks in my classroom, whether it be English or Tech classes, and I subscribe to them. I've even downloaded them so that the faculty at the international school where I teach can access them.

I hope that someone becomes your beneficiary, Chris. Your blog inspires me and offers me so much "food for thought."

Keep us updated, and let us know should a Little Fairy Godmother send you to Monterey!


Chris. Dude. Want. To. Go. Wondering if the penny jar we started for Beckett is deep enough with coinage yet for him not to notice if I used a 'few extra' for TED. Trying to do as many speeches/gigs as possible, but sadly they'll happen after the registration deadline (and my spot in line) goes poof. C'est. La. Vie. Unless the fee fairy makes a surprise trip to Texas in the coming days. And then I'll definitely go in the collective names of everyone in the education sector who so richly deserves to idea-storm the TED party.


DK -- Get your application IN, my dear friend. No delays or "next year" comments this time around. MediaSnackers would be a rich addition to the TED-iverse. And while I'm deeply flattered by your comment, I'm not sure I'm in the league with the truly big brains and world changers that they might subsidize...but I'd certainly bus a few tables if it off-set the costs.


ste!!a -- How's Philly, my friend? Great to hear from you...and hoping T'giving and life in the studio are treating you and the gang brilliantly! As for the elite nature of the event, I confess to still being enough of a kid at heart that I'd still like to cannonball into that pool...and see what all the conversation is about. If anything, just to bring it back to my studetns on a more personal and direct access level.


Shamash -- It dawns on me (as it does others, I'm certain) that an educator element *** at the event *** would be a lovely extension of what TED offers in terms of resources/events/voices. Perhaps one day!

Carolyn Foote


Hm, I think you should think big for a few weeks and see what happens!

I do think an educator like you should be there. Not only for what you would gain, but for what your enthusiastic conversations about education do for all of us as well.

I'm going to root for a benefactor!


Clay Burell

I have to ask (after offering congrats): is cold cash on the table an absolute requirement for attendance?

And can you fill me/us in on the other criteria for admission? One can only hope there are some.


Carolyn -- Good to day to you, my friend, and I love your idea about thinking big for a few weeks. Sadly, the deadline is the 30th of this month, so we're down to only 7 days now, but perhaps their is some top-secret "Benefactor's Play Group" that is meeting right this moment discussing "decent fellas" to send to TED for free. Perhaps they're throwing darts at a board full of names...and any minute now the dart is gonna ring loud and proud on my behalf. Dart throwing fingers crossed!

Clay -- Only 1,000 people are invited to attend TED in Monterey, with another 300 invited to attend the 'simulcast' in Aspen. Here is the link that gives you a bit more background on "membership" (et al):


Needless to say, for we average folk, $6000 is a huge investment for a few days, even if it means spending that time with some of the biggest brains, visionaries, and leaders on the planet...but membership does give you a full year's worth of additional content, access, and 'goodies', so one could easily rationalize it as a 'minor' $500/month choice. And on some level, that makes me tap my fingers over and over on a proverbial table top. Or, perhaps I'm only meant to be invited, but not to attend. Either way, it is an honor -- albeit an expensive one -- and makes me smile.


Don't forget 6000 bucks doesn't include your plane fare, accomodations and food if you want to eat.

Philadelphia is very groovy thank you. Busy on a couple fun things. Including a software development project. We'll be launching an informational website on it soon.

Still looking for a couple interesting folks to rent some desk space at stellarvisions and join the braintrust.

Ethan Bodnar

Hey again,

I was looking on the TED website and they have something called "Conference Fellows" where they have certain spots open for free for people who can't afford. And they also have discounted prices of 2,000. There's a good chance these spots might already be filled but you might as well ask. Talk soon.


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