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January 23, 2008


Ben Chun

I found it interesting that, "The Associated Press left a message at one Virginia number listed for a Dean Tistadt; there was no answer at another number listed under the same name."

Is this also harassment? Or is that just regular reporting?

Now, if you're the superintendent of a large district and you have thousands of students or parents (or teachers for that matter) calling you at home about everything that's on their minds, that won't work just from a logistics point of view.

But from a maturity point of view... aren't we as adults supposed to teach by example, and hold ourselves to high standards of conduct? As shown by this example, digital technology will hold us accountable either way.


Given that the student found the 'public servant's' phone number in the phone book, I find it hard to imagine this is harassment. If he had come about the number is some, more under-handed way, then I might be more sympathetic. His initial phone call seems perfectly reasonable to me. (Although, I do teach in this district and I don't think the schools should have closed, but that isn't really relevant.) If this family did not want phone calls from the general public they should have an unlisted number.

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